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Information for Gifted Adults | Informationen für hochbegabte Erwachsene

Please let me know if you have any comments regarding the page, have found any additional gifted adults resources or the links do not work. Kommentare, Fehlermeldungen oder wenn es doch Seiten über hochbegabte Erwachsene auf Deutsch gibt bitte an meine Mailadresse.

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Giftedness: The Inside Perspective | Hochbegabung: Der Blick von Innen

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The Ugly Duckling | Das hässliche Entchen

Resources for Gifted Adults

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Discussion Groups | Diskussionsgruppen

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Video | Vidéo

Seniors | Senioren

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Books | Bücher |Livres
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Biographie/ Autobiographie

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Biography/ Autobiography




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Journals | Zeitschriften
Advanced Development Journal
"Advanced Development. A Journal on Adult Giftedness" by The Institute for the Study of Advanced Development
The only journal on gifted adults, published yearly.

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Films | Filme




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General information

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Creativity | Kreativität

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Giftedness Checklist | Checkliste Hochbegabung

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Information on Intelligence Testing | Informationen zu Intelligenztests

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Theories | Theorien


The Gifted Identity Formation Model

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Introverts and Extroverts | Introvertiertheit und Extrovertiertheit

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Emotional Intensity | Gefühlsmäßige Intensität

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Perfectionism | Perfektionismus

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Twice Special | Hochbegabte mit Behinderungen
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Counseling | Beratung

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Misdiagnosis of the Gifted

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Psychologists | Psychologen

Disclaimer: these addresses are no recommendation and for information only. Please use your own judgement when choosing a psychologist.







Life Coach



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Organisations | Organisationen
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Conferences | Konferenzen | Conférences

Foundations | Stiftungen

These addresses are no recommendation and for information only. Please use your own jugdement.

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