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- by John Sweeny: On Genius

- by Elizabeth Chivell: 1EVSW, Where has my Eden gone, Goddess, woman, girl child, Tired of Being Gifted, Universal Thoughts

'The essence of genius is in penetrating through complexity, to arrive at the underlying simplicity; then with the cognitive tools, acquired of that simplicity, to build the vestibule that shall lead humanity to greater understandings and to innovative solutions to the besetting ills of the world '.

John Sweeney

Definition of the Nature of Intelligence

"Formulated by expanding upon the (Chamber's English dictionary) reference to the word - "Intelligence"

Intelligence, etymologically speaking, describes a process similar to discrimination. This in turn is similar in meaning to *sifting* (through complex arrays of data) to arrive at the underlying connective pattern, by which one then comes to understand the structure and function of a particular complex system (by seeing how indiviual data elements within it are linked, therefore making the grasping of relevant material, in the learning process more efficient, as often seen in the gifted). I think that following from this, intuition then comes into play in formulating new and more innovative complexities and as a result, knowledge (and hopefully wisdom, which is knowledge appropriately and beneficially applied) can feed and grow upon itself for the aim of appropriate applications in the field of cultural enrichment and development.

Intelligence - Latin: inter - between; legere - to select
Discriminate - L: discriminis - to separate; discern (sift)
Distinguish - L. dis - apart; stinguere - to mark (set apart)

John Sweeney


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On Genius

The all-too common icon
of the least common amongst all minds;
The shaggy white hair and the eyes,
solemn and aged, time-weathered and wizened,
penetrate with focus of undiminished sharpness;
a sharpness dividing warp from woof of cosmic fabric,
the threads thereof, of energy and dimensions, interwoven
by Fiat of greater Mind, than he
of broad and wizened, moustachio'd face.
Is genius, to be equated with hyperborean labrynths
of inaccessible complexity? - no -
for to 'select and choose between' -
this be the meaning and function of 'intellect';
thus, the power to penetrate through complexity
to underlying simplicity and from thence,
with the tools of that same simplicity,
build new and grander edifices
of God-given enlightenment and wisdom.
After all, is not the webbing of cyberspace,
spun upon the loom of the simplest binary
and the littlest T.O.E. of cosmology,
be not the fundamental forces, four,
but may well be the Planckian Unit?
Yes, and all the ebb and flow of human striving,
as in the manipulations of economies
and in political machinations;
be traced, in context of human nature
to simply this; To be as if we are God;
prideful claims to divinity, usurped.
Thus, the purloining of power and of resource
at the expense of the weak.
Why must minds of genius build,
with tools of unearthed simplicity,
towers of exalted reason,
only to assail what is mistakenly assumed
to be a redundant Deity,
from Whom alone, their powers are given?
The simplest sum of it all,
is that man must reap what he sows;
this, is the bedrock of each one's chosen destiny.

John Sweeny

This is a series of poems. It covers sensitivities to body language, Dabrowski's overexcitabilities and positive disintergration. It is for EXTREME VISUAL SPATIAL WOMAN. I am working on the fourth of the series that covers what we seek in a relationship.

The poems are published in Free to be Me by Elizabeth Chivell


What am I?
Extreme visual-spatial woman. Just one.
What am I on the inside?
I will try to tell you
To feel the beat of music, through the ground, as a heartbeat of the earth.
To feel the warmth of the earth during a hot day and the slow decrease in the heat as the earth breathes a sigh.
To smell the soil and grass after a heavy dew.
To taste the dew of a morning sunrise.
To feel a lovers arm as warm as the earth, as moist as the dew, and with the taste of a sunrise.
To feel the wind sighing its name over your skin.
To feel the coolness on the hairs of your skin, as they move to the song.
To hear the songs of the world in the wind, as it blows, rustling the leaves in a tree and the petals on the ground.
To taste the souls of humanity, as it passes over every corner of the earth and the wind collects you.
To feel the touch of a lover as tender as the breeze but as fierce as a storm.
To feel the fire in the sun, beating on your body, but also the cold fore of the moon, on a clear night.
To feel the fire enter your soul and warm you to the depths.
To feel the fire of the passion, to live, breathe and just being.
To feel the heat from within, as well as from without, with the heat of a lovers touch.
To lay in a creek and feel the fresh, clear water flowing over your body and tingling over your skin and into your soul.
To feel the washing away of the dust and the pain of the world, so as to renew your soul.
To feel the water talking as it babbles by.
To feel the heart of the universe, beating against the shore, with the passion of the stars, moon and sun.
To feel a lovers being, washing over you and holding your soul, as a part of his own and his yours.
I am part of the earth, the being and the soul of the world.
I am not mother earth but a daughter on a quest for the inner being and someone to share with.
I will find content in a lovers arms and the earths arms.
Then I will be able to return to my abode.
With the contentment of being, a part returned to the whole, loved and the light will shine glorious from our being.
I am not God
I am human
I am not mother earth
I am a child
I am not psychic
I just see
I am one extreme visual-spatial woman
And I am not whole……


Where has my Eden gone

Where has my Eden gone?
Where have my roses gone.
Where has my heart gone?
To be able to look into eyes that knows no hate
When hate you have seen stops you from seeing the love
To be able to nurture when needed
When nurturing has been denied you
To be able to see in, as well as out, with a knowledge of love
When all around you pain and suffering is more plentiful?
I have searched for my Eden,
Through people, property, and possessions.
These are only seen as being a help to others.
But failure was imminent
Because through others you are not being you
Through property no matter how self exiled you are you will not find peace
Through possessions, it does not free you to have more time for others and yourself.
Eden is within
You cannot have Eden through another person. You have to see from within and from outside internally
You cannot find Eden in a piece of soil, wherever you are you create your own Eden by the warmth of a home and love of where you are. You can plant roses anywhere.
You cannot find it through possessions. The more possessions you have the more you have to do, where the less possessions you have, the more love you give doing things.
You can still be in Eden, whether in a tent, unit or house.
You are Eden
You can still see Eden in others because it has to come from you, not another person.
You can still cook and sew for your family. Whether it is a few sticks, a gas portable stove or an oven.
You do all these with love and not as a chore.
Eden is wherever I go, as long as long as I remember and see Eden is inside of me.
I am Eden. My body is Eden’s boundaries. It is my self-perception that is Eden. My body is but the walls of Eden.
It was given to me, and I never saw it, as I was looking outside of me, instead of the inner me.
Wherever I go Eden goes,
And I have my gates open all the time.
See me shine, brighter than a light of warmth,
My gates show the way to my Eden.
You are always welcome in my home.
Goddess, Eve, Witch or slave.
I will always have my Eden.
No matter what clouds surround me.

Goddess, woman, girl child

High on the mountaintop looking over the sea I reside.
Deep in the valley of echo’s I can live as well.
In the mighty dessert I am at home as well.
Eden is where ever I decide to be.
But over the years I have had to put up higher walls.
My gates closed with a magic I will try to explain.
They stay shut secure for years, until…
A slip of light does once more appear.
Twice I have opened them wide,
A lot of times just a crack to see.
Each time I have been harmed someway
By others that can see me.
I have opened my arms to welcome you to my Eden.
I have flung the gates open wide.
Twice I have done this and been harmed,
And I still do not know why.
This is my story of my Eden.
They come from North, South, East and West.
Males looking for my Eden, or stumbling across it.
They search from near and far.
They hunger for it so desperately,
Sometimes they are so blind.
What they hunger for they are actually fearful of,
It is the same for all of time.
They come to the gates of my arms
I open them wide and I smile.
They see the shine and happiness,
For awhile they feel my Eden.
But it doesn’t last for long the acceptance,
Males don’t understand the gifts.
They want to own, crush and destroy them.
These gifts that are only mine to give.
They are hungry, I feed them nourishment
They are thirsty, I give them wine,
They are tired, I give them a place to sleep,
But they want more, that is not my Eden
When I hold my hand out with a gift,
My hand is trampled to the ground.
The blood that flows between my fingers,
Are from the thorns of the rose I had in my palm.

I speak to try to calm them,
But their words back are like knives.
They cut deeply and savagely.
My blood and tears intertwine.
I look at them bewildered and wondering
What body language did I emit to offend them?
What words did I speak to enrage them?
What did I do this time?
I cringe in a corner and am beaten,
By hand, words and time.
The more I shine with my Eden.
The more I suffer each time.
It doesn’t matter how high my walls are.
I always open the gates to my Eden.
It is the whole of me, my Eden,
No Eden, no me, no me, no Eden.
I cannot hide the Eden within me.
I shouldn’t have to hide it at all.
Maybe man will come to a better understanding.
And then I can shine even more.
But again my gates are closing,
As they swing shut you might catch a glance,
Of Eden and all of its bruises.
Some too deep for even Eden to understand.
So for now I will seal my Eden.
I need time to heal again,
But always the gates will be opened again.
With a shine even brighter than before.
So next time you see the shine of my Eden,
Maybe you will then understand,
That Eden is always searched for,
But that it is in me all the time.
But next time make sure you want my Eden and me
Before you walk through the gates,
Because I only offer love, with open arms.
And I don’t think I can heal myself anymore.



Extreme visual-spatial?
And worse, INTJ.

Well that is how the world sees us,
With horror
With misunderstanding
And even with fear

We don’t speak another language
We speak dimensional time warp.
The big picture
Multi levelled
Multi faceted

Scientist can’t keep up with us
Psychologists can’t keep up with us
And NASA sure can’t keep up with us
Universities can’t keep up with us
Let alone the ‘normal’ schools

“Put what you SEE into a science fiction novel”
“You are too far ahead of them”
“One day in the future when technology catches up, they will remember your book and will SEE what you were explaining, drawing, drafting, studying, writing, teaching”

“One day they will catch up”

I want to learn
I want to study
I feel like a robot.
I need more input
I WANT and hunger for more

So lock me away from the world in a bunker
Give me a room full of computers
A toilet
A kitchen
Food to eat
And drinks

I would give up contact with people and just create
Dimensions ahead of what you have now
Time skips to a future
Diagrams, writings, equations, and much more

Then I would not SEE the look of horror, fear and confusion
I would not SEE what they are thinking
I would not SEE the glazed look in their eyes of
“You have lost me completely”
And they wouldn’t be able to see or hear me

Yes Dabrowski said it
Personality profiles say it
They all say it

We seek for like minded
We seek for others
We seek and feel completely alone
Some of us more than others
Some of us less than others

Then you come to the realisation that there is no other
Like minded
Because we are different
That is why we are gifted
So you stop searching

And you just BE

Extreme visual-spatial?
And worse, INTJ

Just me



You lived yesterday, so you can live today with the knowledge of

Then you live today, with the knowledge of yesterday, to be able to
dream of tommorrow.

But it is only if you have learnt a lesson yesterday, that you are
able to act with today, that makes tommorrows dreams, a reality.

And if the dreaming stops.

It is because the life you have survived, has not been a lesson you
have heeded, so you have learnt nothing that can be used today, to
make a difference tommorrow.

So learn from the past, as a step towards understanding today, then
you make a difference for tommorrow and the reality no longer just a

Then the lesson you learnt today, will be a surving yesterday and
wil l allow you the dreams for another tommorrow, and the dreams to
become a reality.

Even if only a few do this, can you imagine and dream of the whole,
the unity, and the possibilities for all humankind.

It does not take the whole of humankind to make a big difference.
That would be called a miricle.

It only takes a few, in different places, or in the same place, it
doesnt matter.

So long as it happens.

And then we go through the cycle again.

But you have to have the past, present and future in the cycle.

Or you do not exist.


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